3 Axes Synchronized Hydraulic
3 Axes Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake CNCHAP
3 Axes Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake CNCHAP
General Specification

If your aim is to provide important developments in quality, productivity, a esthetic and security aspects, CNC HAP is what you are looking for CNC HAP Series is developed for works with wide variety and where production speed is important. Syncro system is provided by synchronized cylinders with proportional value technology like in CNC AP machines. And this means bending angle with maximum precision. CYBELEC DNC 60PS is used in CNC HAP. These controllers’ are easy usage, high capacity and fast processing power, durability and service network all around the world provides your machine high performance.

2 axes backgauge system
X axes backgauge system
CNC Controllers
ER 50 Controller General Specifications
  State of the art technology
  Panel based housing
  Color LCD display with 6.4” TFT high brightness display
  Memory capacity of 64MB
  Product memory at least 4 MB
  Tool library for 30 punches / 30 dies
  Fast programming with easy page selection
  External memory storage via USB interfacing
  Directly angle programming
  Unfolded length calculations
  Automatic tonnage calculations
  Automatic motorized crowning calculations

CYBELEC DNC 60 S General Specifications

  Die and punch programming (20 die, 30 punch),
  Automatic conversion: inch / mm; US TON / Metric TON; PSIx1000 kg/cm2,
  999 program and 13 bending repeat,
  In closed circuit, high accuracy of top beam positioning by speed, pressure and parallelism control,
  Adjustment of moving speed, speed up, slowdown and gain by machine parameters,
  Correction of Y1, Y2 and X axis independently,
  Automatic or programmable back guage retract feature,
  Programmable waiting time under pressure (Ironing),
  Adjustable short stroke for each part and bending job in normal bending page,
  Adjustable speed change point (Mute point),
  Warning message on screen for the correct side of material in reverse bending (Return + Swing + Swivel),
  Provides bending in circle quality by programming of bending number and radius for ideal curve,
  Keyset with membrane covering and LED warning lights,
  Back up of material, tooling and machine parameters by RS-232 serial port.
  French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Porteguesse, Netharlandish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegion,.Turkish
  Programmable bending angle, Automatic calculation bend allowance and unfold length. (Automatic pressure control)
ER 70 Controller General Specifications
  User friendly, CNC Controller with very good price and high performance.
  2D Graphical Bending Simulation
  Delem Bending Software
  2D Graphical product Drawing
  2D Graphical Manual Collision Control
  Automatic Calculations Bend Allowance depending inner or outer dimension
  Automatic Calculations X, R target positions for the product dimension and bend sequence (Move Bend or Swap Bend)
  Automatic Calculation Unfolded Length
  Automatic executed Y1, Y2 position depend of angle value
  Automatic calculated internal radius or bumping
  Screen size: 10,4” TFT LCD Monochrome
  Operating System: Windows CE
  Memory: 64 MB
  Free space for end-users: at least 2 MB (approx. 1000 programs)
  Sequence max. 99 per program
  Y1, Y2, X, R (Max Four Axes) AC (0-10 V) or Servo Axes (± 10 V)
  Punches / Dies Memory 30/60
  Manual bend sequence determination
  Bend Sequence determinations, 2D Graphical Bending Simulation
  USB Back up / Restore of parameters and product
  2 USB Ports for the transferring and keyboard and mouse
ER 70 Controller General Specifications
CYBELEC DNC 60 S General Specifications
CNC Controllers

Standard Equipments

  Mono block, welded sheet frame rigid to deflection moment and tensile with ST44 A1 material.
  Cybelec DNC 60P controller,
  Y1 + Y2 + X Axis
  Synchronization control of Y1 + Y2 axis by + 0.01 accuracy linear encoders is provided by means of hydro – electrical
  technique, with servo valves
  AC motorized back gauge system with ball screwed shaft in X–axis Analog Dynamic, Fast servo controlled Back gauge
  Hydraulic system by proportional valve system with the brands Bosch-Rexroth or Hoerbiger,
  High accuracy Heidenhain – Givi measure linear encoders,
Electrical panel with cooling system, designed to meet CE standards and composed of automation and electrical equipments with Automatic tonnage adjustment, with proportional valves.
  Getting the required angle in one step without trail-error method by entering material type, width, length and thickness,
  Automatic adjustment of back guage position according to the bending program,
  Bending sequence,
  Automatic calculation of required stroke for the required bending angle,
  Harmony of used tooling and bending part,
  Storing the programs in memory and recalling,
  Hardened, grinded and standard segmented (835 mm) top and bottom tooling system. Bottom tool with four V-dies in
  dimensions of 60x60,
  Amada Promecam clamping system with quick release,
  User-friendly, moveable and ergonomic control panel carrying all buttons,
  Light guard positioned at the back side of the machine,
  Multiple point parallelism adjustable back guage bar,
  Back guage fingers with accuracy of 0.01
  Front support arms with T-slot and mm/inch scale,
  400 mm throat depth,
  Conforming to EU machine safety directives and CE Regulations.
CNC Linear Encoders
Hoerbiger - Rexroth Hydraulic System
Crome Plated pistons
and Cylinders
Quick Realese Tool
Holder System
Back side Protective
Light Guard
CNC Linear Encoders
Hoerbiger - Rexroth Hydraulic System
Crome Plated pistons
Quick Realese Tool
Back side Protective

Optional Equipments

  CYCAD: interface converts 2D drawing prepared on different programs with format *.DWF and *.IGES to CYBELEC
  LINK 7000: Interface Software Convert to PC 1200-DNC60 product Memory, Punch, die transferring with RS232
  Manual WILA Anti-Deflection System,
  R axis,
  Motorized WILA Anti Deflection System which operates automatically according to tonnage applied.
  Front light guard system,
  Laser Protection: Laser Protection system die area, LASER SAFE LZS, AKAS II, (Camera based system) Sick V4000, DFS
  Front arms with CNC control ( AP3+AP4 axis )
  Automatic slide greasing system,
  Special throat depth ( 500,600 or 750 mm ),
  Special top and bottom tools Special top and bottom tooling system with wila products
  Software optional delem (V – Bend, V DXF model, V-Draw)
  Delem profile on windows (profile W ) offline software
  High speed back gauge system is driven by AC servo motor on linear bearing and ball scewa with ± 0.01 tolerances X, R
SICK Front Light Guard
Special Stroke and Top Tool System
Laser Safe Front
Light Guard
Hydraulic Top
Tool system
Anti Deflection
System (Motorized)
Anti Deflection System (manual)
Tool Cabinet
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