CNC Press Brake MB

CNC Press Brake MB8

MB8 series CNC electro hydraulic servo synchronous press brake
MB8 series CNC hydraulic press brake has two hydraulic cylinders with electro hydraulic servo valves. Deflection can be compensated by Hydraulic vaulted back-off system (Crowning). Back gauge mechanism can control several back gauge axes. Its frame is tabricated with steel plate and is stress relieved, Hydraulic system adopts integrated control system and imported ring seals. It has a beautiful and simple contour. CNC system uses DA65W/66W system with English menu made in DELEM Company of Holland. It can also be equipped with toolings according to customer’s requirement.

MB8-500x6400 CNC Tandem Press Brake

MB8-500x6400 CNC Tandem Press Brake
MB8 CNC TANDEM PRESS BRAKE uses the MB8 series CNC Press Brake in perfect Synchronisation, so that the machines act as One single unit for manufacturing of large components such as Electric Light Poles or High masts .

MB8-1000x8000 Large CNC Press Brake



δ1. Ram deflection
δ2. Crowing automatic compensation δ1= δ2
BACKGAUGE 8+1 axis is optional
The equipment has automatic hydraulic crowning system which can compensate the bending tolerance caused by the ram torsion.
The high accurate linear encoder equipped with C frame compensates the bending tolerance which might be caused by minor frame torsion.
Crowning System
Linear Encoder
The upper tooling has sectioned adjustable construction which can also equip European bending tooling, and the lower die has easy change device (optional) for a quicker and safer die changing Multi-die-holder can also be installed.
Double-Bending Tooling
Standard bending tooling
Double-V die
The upper tooling easy clamping device is for quick tool changing
Modular hydraulic system from Germany imported specially for press brakes.
DELEM DA65W/66W Control system from Holland, 10.4" color display  
Technical Data of MB Series Electro hydraulic CNC Press Brakes
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