Synchronized Hydraulic

Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake CNCAP

General Specification
The precision repeatability performance of these machines are achieved by synchronizing the hydraulic cylinders with the help of advanced proportional valve control.
With automatic indexing of the axes at the start of running process, calibration is provided.
Data inputs like material thickness, type and length through a user friendly software enables the control to calculate and provide the following Features.
  Determination of bending power required for each stroke.
  Graphical display of the unfolding of bending parts.
  Positioning of the back gauge for each step of the bending program.
  Determination of the most practical bending sequence.
  Automatic calculation of top beam stroke in bending angle.
  Adaptation condition of tools and work pieces.
  Graphical display of potential interferences between material, tools and the machine.
  Storage of program with alpha – numerical names and recalling.
  Programmable bending speeds.
  Manual semi – automatic or automatic working modes.
  Upper beam tilting for conical bending.

Precise, fast and powerful back Gauge Alternatives from 2 to 6 Axes

Precise, fast and powerful back Gauge Alternatives from 2 to 6 Axes
High Speed back guage system is driven by AC servo motors on linear bearing and ballscrews with ± 0.01 tolerences.
6 axes backguage system
4 axes backguage system
  Mono block, welded steel frame is rigid to deflection movement and high tensile with ST 44 A1material.
  Four axis ( Y1, Y2 ,X, R ).
  Standard  graphic controllers can be selected from: cybelec mod Eva 10 S color graphics with Pc 1200 Delem DA66W 2D
  with colored graphics Esa kvara Duemilla 2003.
  Back gauge system with X+R axis driven by AC servo motor on linear bearings.
  Original BOSCH-REXROTH or HOERBIGER servo hydraulic system is provided.
  Wila manual bottom table anti deflection system.
  Electrical panel with cooling system, designed to meet CE standards and composed of automatic and electrical
  equipments with SIEMENS brand.
  Hardened and grounded standard sectioned top and bottom tools (835mm). Bottom tools is in 60x60 dimensions and 4
  Amada Promecam type tool holding system with quick release.
  Ergonomic, user friendly, Moveable control panel carrying all buttons.
  Back light guards.
  Synchronization of Y1+Y2 axis is provided by linear encoders with 0.01 tolerances.
  Back gauge fingers move on linear bearings with 0.01 tolerances.
  Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.
  Front arms with T slot and mm/inch rulers.
  Throat depth 400 mm.
  Light guard.
Hoerbiger- Rexroth
Hydraulic System
Crome plated
pistons and cylinders
Linear Encoders
Quick Release
Tool Holder System
Anti Deflection  System (manual)
   SICK Front Light Guard  
Back Side protective
ight Guard
Quick Adjustable
Front Arms
Optional Equipments
  Graphic controllers; Cybelec ModEva 15 3D, Cybelec ModEva 12 3D, Delem 69W 3D.
  Z1+Z2 axes.
  X1+X2 axes.
  R1+R2 axes.
  Motorized  Wila  Anti-Deflection system which operates automatically with CNC unit according to tonnage applied.
  Front light guard system.
  Laser angle measurement system, with data M Cobra Laser Check System.
  Pneumatic top and bottom tool holding system.
  Front arms with CNC control (AP3+AP4 axis)
  Sliding front arms with roller bearings.
  Hydraulic oil coolant.
  Automatic slide greasing system.
  Special throat depth (500,600 or 750 mm).
  Special top and bottom tools.
  Software options Delem V – Bend, V DXS Modul, V-Draw. 
  Delem profile on window (profile W).
  SICK C4000 advanced finger protections 14mm ( Easy Programmable  Sick Soft with PC: Blanking reduced resolution,
  cascade working etc).
  Tandem Application.
Laser Safe Front
Light Guard
 AKAS Front
Laser Light Guard
SICK Laser
front Light Guard
 Laser Angle
Hydraulic Top
Tool System
Special Stroke and Top Tool System
WILA Top and Bottom
Anti Deflection
System (Motorized)
CNC Operated Part Support System
Tool Cabinet
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